Values Based Discipleship

By Richard Dahlstrom - 1/15/2024

As Christ followers, we’re not “free agents” when it comes to value formation. People who have walked with God, while never perfect, held certain values in common — and to the extent those values are absorbed and embraced, they change choices, which change behaviors, which change how people see us. The one known as “the man after God’s own heart” gives us two of these values, which we’ll consider today; David receives and David pauses

Fragments: Glimmers of Hope

Series Date: 1/7/2024 - 2/11/2024

Series Summary: “Fragments” are broken pieces of something that used to be whole. In this section of Scripture we find the slow breakdown of the Biblical kingdom of Israel, eventually leading to their exile in Babylon. However, a piece of the kingdom is left, reflecting the beauty of God’s covenant that he would not abandon nor forsake his people. Christ comes from this fragmented people.