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Daniel: Living and Serving in Babylon

By Richard Dahlstrom - 2/11/2024

If we live in Babylon (in exile), there are three postures we need to take:

I. Embrace the Reality of Exile

II. Engage with the Culture in Exile

III. Maintain Your Uncrossable Line(s) in Exile – Daniel 2:46–3:29

Fragments: Glimmers of Hope

Series Date: 1/7/2024 - 2/11/2024

Series Summary: “Fragments” are broken pieces of something that used to be whole. In this section of Scripture we find the slow breakdown of the Biblical kingdom of Israel, eventually leading to their exile in Babylon. However, a piece of the kingdom is left, reflecting the beauty of God’s covenant that he would not abandon nor forsake his people. Christ comes from this fragmented people.