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Giving Tree


Giving Tree 2021

Stay tuned for Giving Tree 2021 details coming soon!

This holiday season, you are invited through BCC’s annual Giving Tree to extend the gift of hospitality to some of our most vulnerable neighbors. Your gifts will support two local mission initiatives of the church: engaging those experiencing homelessness through the Aurora Commons and supporting biological families in the foster care system through the King West Department of Children, Youth, and Families.


Please purchase all items on your selected shopping list. Place Women's Holiday Gifts in a RED bag and place Men's Holiday Gifts in a GREEN bag. Bring your gifts to the Green Lake Sanctuary Foyer on Sunday mornings between November 28 - December 19. If you're unable to bring it at these times, contact us at

Download your shopping list tag here! 

Men's Holiday Gift Bag Tag

Women's Holiday Gift Bag Tag

Holiday Family Meal Kit

Shopping lists with individual instructions for “Holiday Gift Bags” and “Holiday Meal Kits” are available for download above until Sunday, Dec. 19th. Gifts can be dropped off in the BCC Green Lake Sanctuary Foyer on Sunday mornings from Nov. 28th through Sunday Dec. 19th. Please pay close attention to the instructions on the shopping list. Thank you so much and God bless!

*Covid-19 Precautionary Note: Masks required for drop off.

You can shop for either:

  1. Men’s and Women’s “Holiday Gift Bags” for those experiencing homelessness
  2. Holiday Meal Kits” for biological families in KingWest's Department of Children, Youth, and Families, either recently reunified or vulnerable to separation.

As a community, our aim is to extend hospitality and support to those who have or are, vulnerable to experiencing displacement from their homes and families.

Support Those Experiencing Homelessness through the Aurora Commons 

  • Early childhood trauma has been found to be the number one contributor to homelessness in the United States. As a result, rebuilding trusted relationships is an essential component to bridging the gap with our unhoused neighbors. Aurora Commons is a welcoming space for those experiencing homelessness to rest, enjoy a meal, connect to resources, and collectively create a healthy and vibrant community built on mutuality and transforming relationships. As you can imagine, community building amidst Covid-19 has become increasingly challenging. Thus, “Holiday Gift Bags” will be as important as ever to demonstrate love on behalf of our community to our unhoused neighbors. To support those experiencing homelessness, follow the instructions on the shopping list and assemble a “holiday gift bag” containing cold weather items, other essentials, and special gifts.

Support Families in the Foster Care System through KingWest DCYF

  • Children enter foster care from a diversity of backgrounds and through no fault of their own. All children are affected by the separation they experience from their family. During the time they are temporarily separated, KingWest DCYF works with the children’s family to safely return them home whenever possible. We share in the hope for children and families to experience wholeness. This holiday season provide a memorable meal and special activities for families to be blessed and connect with one another. Follow the instructions on the shopping list and assemble a “holiday meal kit” with food, fun, and other special gifts for a vulnerable family in our community.

Want to find more ways to serve with Giving Tree?

  • Are you interested in supporting our local BCC foster families, or are you a foster family yourself? Contact our missions team to get looped into our foster care ministry today!    CONTACT

Questions? Contact our Missions Team.