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These classifieds are designed to be a helpful resource for those within the Bethany community. With postings for carpooling, housing, jobs, items for sale, and more, there's sure to be something for everyone!

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Latest Additions

Looking for room to rent or 2 other roommates

Phone: (206) 940-9477
My name is Brendan, and I am looking for a room to rent in the Seattle area (U District, Fremont, and north to Greenwood). I've been going to Bethany for 14 years, and am currently working and trying to break into the tech industry as a UX Researcher/Designer. I'm clean and value community. Looking for a room to rent between $600-$800/month, or 2 other roommates for a 3 bedroom house at $750 per month per person.

Looking for a roommate in the University District

Phone: (954) 644-2690
My roommate and I are looking for a third roommate to move in as soon as possible. We live in a small, quite furnished basement apartment in a quite, beautiful neighborhood two blocks away from Ravenna Park. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, $750 a month; utilities, WiFi, washer and dryer, everything included. Looking for another quite, clean, considerate roommate roommate. Call or text 954-644-2690 for more info and pics. Thanks! -Chad

nanny needed

Am Kenneth Julissa, am a widower, with two lovely kids, a boy, Michael 10 years, and a girl, Susan 7 years, am seeking an experienced and energetic full-time nanny to take care of my 2 children and to do some other house choice, the applicant must be an advance lady who is flexible, super patient, and loving, she will Starts with immediate effect, any interested person or foreign applicant must be very good in English language. Location is near Victoria Station LONDON. Requirements: Very good in English language, outspoken Loving, energetic and creative Highly organized, hard-working, neat, tidy Enjoys the outdoors and sports – bike riding, swimming, tennis, hockey Min 2 years of au pair / nanny experience, teaching qualifications a plus Genuine interest and love of childcare Strong references CRB clearance I shall provide all other document like visa and workers permit Fluent English, Spanish a plus Responsibilities will include the following: Looking after the safety and health of the children Carrying out the morning routine, dropping off at school Carrying out afternoon/evening routine: pick-up, homework, bath, dinner, bed Cooking/Preparing fresh, healthy meals each day. Designing meal plans each week in advance Ensure all homework is completed to a high standard and reviewed Organizing and supervising playmates Housework relating to children (any necessary laundry, dishes, ironing) Tidying and cleaning all areas where children have been (encouraging them to join in to tidy up) Maintaining frequent and open communication with me Pay: £600 gross par week, (plus babysitting). . Closest tube station: Victoria Pay: £600 gross per week Contact me via my private Email

1999 Plymouth Breeze - $1500 OBO

Trading in my faithful sedan for an SUV! This car has a clean, intact interior but definitely has some quirks due to age. It runs strong though, and if you can work around the quirks it’s a great daily driver. I’ve also taken it on long road trips across multiple state lines with no problems. Would be great for a high school/college student! The Good: -Clocking in around 171,000 miles -Clean title -Automatic transmission, all lights/turn signals and seatbelts work -Regular oil changes and routine care -New tires purchased about a year ago -New front and rear breaks about a year ago -Alignment fixed a little over a year ago -Automatic windows- all work -Spare tire included in the trunk -pretty spacious for a sedan- I’m 6’ and always had plenty of leg room -After market CD/radio with plug for USB chord to charge your phone -You don’t see many of these cars around so you’ll turn heads with your unique brand and make every mechanic go “huh?” When you state your car model during oil changes. -Not sure why, but there is a trailer hitch attached to the back of the car. Never used it but it makes your little sedan look tough! -All books in glove compartment The could-be-better (but hey, the car is 21 years old!): -Automatic locks on the car, however the front passenger side door must lock/unlock manually -AC/Heat work wonderfully but only on full blast. -The rear driver’s side door won’t open- I was vacuuming the back seat one day and after I shut the door it never opened again. -Trunk opens with key, but the open latch inside the car stopped working -Horn is stuck “on”, so the fuse is removed and I have learned to be nicer in traffic -Unfortunately the shop I went to gave me some cheap pads so while the front breaks still have life on them, they do occasionally make noise when using them- back ones were changed by someone else and are fine. -Crack from a rock chip that spread quick on the driver’s side windshield. Has been there for over a year and has not spread any more. I’m used to it now and don’t even notice it while driving -No major body issues (never been in an accident to my knowledge), although a few scrapes along the side and a small dent from where a fly ball left the baseball park and hit my car as I drove off. Good grief. -Windshield wipers work but they do not squirt fluid. This was never an issue for me as I would just wash them while getting gas. -Can be a bit noisy inside when going over bumps and cracks in the road. I’ve had multiple mechanics tell me this is not a safety concern (nothing will fall apart while driving), just can get a little annoying but you get used to it. Turn the music up a bit and you’ll do fine.