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Baby Dedications


At Bethany, we believe in Baby Dedications as well as baptism for children past the age of accountability. We base this practice on the biblical examples of Samuel and Jesus. We are told in I Samuel that Hannah presented her son Samuel to the Lord. Similarly in Luke, we read that Mary and Joseph brought their baby, Jesus, to the temple to present him before the Lord.

While we dedicate children to the Lord, in reality this ceremony is a dedication of the parents. Through this act, parents are presenting themselves before the Lord and committing to raise their child in a loving Christian home and to teach him or her about Jesus Christ, both directly and through the examples of their lives (Deuteronomy 6:4-7). The parents are also asking the church community to help support them as they raise their child. Lastly, it's an opportunity for parents to publicly express their gratitude to God for the blessing of their child.

Bethany is committed to supporting parents in their responsibility to disciple their children. As your church community, we are also joining with you to commit your child to the care of Jesus and are praying a blessing over your life and that of your child. A Baby Dedication is a wonderful opportunity to gather with family, friends, and your church family to celebrate the gift of your child and your commitment to serve the child as Christian parents.

Baby Dedications are held as requested during Sunday services at Bethany West Seattle. If interested, please fill out the Baby Dedication Form and submit it to Holly Baronia to begin the process of saving a date for your dedication.