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For decades, the entrance to the Chapel at Bethany Green Lake was crowned by an old wooden sign carved with an inscription that read, "in essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” This sign is now in the foyer at Bethany Green Lake. This attitude has been the guiding vision for the Bethany community, and through it we seek to invite people to God, to community, and to wholeness. As a result, everything that we do at Bethany seeks to meet each of these three criteria.

As the presence of Christ in our community, we at Bethany West Seattle seek to develop leaders, engage our community, support grassroots ministries, encourage an intergenerational community, worship God through a variety of expressions, and engage our membership in connecting, learning, and serving.

We are teachers and students, leaders and learners, artists and musicians, mountain climbers and trailblazers, prayer warriors and shuttle drivers. We are a diverse group of individuals and families called together to worship and fellowship in community, whose primary aims are to give expression to the hope found in Christ and to share that hope with the world.