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The act of baptism is a powerful moment in our walk with the Lord. This step of proclaiming your faith and intention to follow Christ for life is a marker that will be of encouragement to you and to many others. If you haven't yet been baptized, it's never too late. Contact Pastor Megan to set up a time to talk about with this means at Bethany and what it means for you. We can't wait to talk to you! 

Spiritual Journey

Tuesdays, August 30-December 14, 7-8:30pm, $18, Scholarships available, Register
If you want to change your life, consider the Spiritual Journey program to bring wholeness and emotional healing to your life. Spiritual Journey offers ways for you to grow emotionally and spiritually. The process of recovery is a journey that takes us from a life of confusion or grief to a place of peace and freedom—one day at a time. Payment covers materials for the class, scholarships are available. 



      Saturday, November 12  |  8am - 6pm
      Sunday, November 13   |  1pm - 5pm


      Spend a day & a half working on the most important design project of all:
      your life.

Designing Your Life is a hands-on workshop that helps provide: clarity regarding where you are 
right now, new designs for balance and energy, new ways to frame problems you’ve been trying to solve for a while, insights on how to hone your decision making, and three possible future paths – Odyssey Plans – for your life. This life design (TM) method was popularized by the New York Times bestseller, Designing Your Life, How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life.

In our workshop we will build and engage a supportive community to:
   •  Explore the social narrative & challenge dysfunctional beliefs that get in the way of thriving.
   •  Define what work and life mean to you and how they can be integrated to increase flourishing.
   •  Explore your past roles and consider what you need in a role to be challenged and fulfilled.
   •  Design the balance and energy you need to fuel your life.
   •  Work on the problems you’ve been trying to solve by reframing them and engaging the community in
       ideation on your problem.
   •  Envision three potential future lives and learn how to prototype the parts of these lives that are most
       compelling to you.
   •  Hone your decision-making process, tuning into the wisdom of multiple ways of knowing.
   •  Create an action plan for real change
   •  Reframe networking and make the connections needed to make progress on your action plan

   •  Pre-Workshop
   •  Write and reflect on your work and life views
   •  Consider where you’re stuck

Workshop Duration:
   •  Saturday, November 12, 8am - 6pm
   •  Sunday, November 13, 1 - 5pm

   •  Saturday Breakfast
   •  Saturday Lunch
   •  Sunday Breakfast

Cost: $399

For more information and to get an overview of the content, check out co-author Bill Burnett’s Ted Talk and our
Event Flyer!

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Thursday Bible Studies

Thursdays starting October 6, 10am or 7pm, $40, Register

Meeting for over a decade, our Thursday Bible Study has a history of focusing on Scripture while building relationship together, making our big church feel a bit smaller and creating spaces for folks to share life together. While still keeping an eye toward health and safety, we will briefly gather as large group to hear a devotional, then break into our consistent small groups where we’ll discuss the Bible study from the week, share life together, and pray.

In this season of regathering you’re invited to connect with others while we grow in faith, hope, & love together. If you have additional questions or are in need of a scholarship, please reach out to Pastor Megan prior to registering.  

Bringing the Scriptures to Life

Returning Winter 2023, Register

Looking to deepen your walk with God but not sure how to move forward? The Bible is the voice of God constantly shaped by the Holy Spirit to speak to culture and particular lives today. Throughout our time together, we’ll both consider a spiritual concept (e.g., how do we discern God’s leading?), while also spending time looking at some particular events recounted in the Bible. Utilizing sanctified imagination and curiosity, we hope you’ll find this class engaging and encouraging. Questions? Reach out to Greg Collins.

Bethany Story Groups

Late September 2022, Apply below

Bethany Story Groups offer a safe and nurturing space to explore your story and reflect on what has shaped you to become who you are.

Many of us struggle to really experience ourselves as loved and accepted, even if our faith tells us that we are. Emotional wounds sustained during childhood continue to impact us: They shape how we relate to God, ourselves, and others. They keep us bound to coping skills and defensive mechanisms that restrict our ability to freely love and be loved, to take risks and to step into what we are called to and desire in life.

Bethany Story groups provide the opportunity to engage these stories of hardship in the midst of a small, caring community and experience acceptance, compassion and affirmation. As part of the process, each participant commits to writing one or two childhood narratives to read with the group, inviting feedback and reflection from others. In addition, participants engage with a chapter of our Bethany Story Workbook per week. Click here for an excerpt from our Story Workbook (chapter 1 of 10).

Groups will meet weekly for approximately ten weeks, beginning the week of September 26th. The program fee for this group is $150. (Partial scholarships are available upon request).

If you are interested in joining us on this journey of (re-)discovering God’s redeeming presence, growing in self-awareness and experiencing more freedom in your life, feel free to fill out an application here.

For questions, please reach out to Petra Malekzadeh.

Myths of Vocation

Coming in 2022, Online

What is your job FOR? Is your job in the right role, or do we expect it to do more–or less–than it’s designed to? Join this one hour class and discussion to talk about the things we expect from our job that it can’t do BUT the incredible things that it CAN.

Expert Conversations

Sunday, October 2-23 at 11am, Chapel

We’ve asked theological scholars and experts on their particular topics to walk us through what their research, study, and faith reveals AND why it matters for us today. Drop in to any class that catches your eye - see the schedule below. No registration is required, but you can use the link below to pre-register for the class to get email reminders! Questions? Contact Pastor Megan Dobrasz! 


October 2nd: Dr. Rod Stiling | Professor Emeritus, Seattle Pacific University
The Church in its First Five Centuries: Some Essential Background
Join history professor Dr. Stiling as we take an accelerated tour through the earliest eras of the Christian Church, mainly in its Roman context, beginning (briefly) in the book of Acts. We’ll then note some key terminology, survey some of the geopolitical background, and sample some of the theological discussions that informed the subsequent flourishing and foibles of the growing Body of Christ on earth. Seat belts/shoulder harnesses recommended.

October 9th: Dr. Ben McFarland | Biochemistry Professor, Seattle Pacific University
“By It, I See Everything Else”: Faith Seeking Understanding Through Science
In Dr. McFarland’s own words: "As a scientist, the way I understand nature is motivated by my Christian belief and theology. Using my book as a resource, we'll talk about how I wrote about God’s creation for a general audience, and how different readers responded to that."

October 16th: Dr. Sara Koenig | Professor of Biblical Studies, Seattle Pacific University
Why is this in the Bible, and how do I read it?
While the Old Testament has no lack of strange and disturbing stories, they are especially concentrated in the book of Judges, with graphic violence and horrific treatment of women. Yet this is part of sacred scripture, God’s word to us and for us. How can we read these texts without simply dismissing them or leaping over them to find Jesus?

October 23rd: Dr. Thane Erickson | Clinical Psychologist
Do Unto Others: Reflecting on the Scriptures and Science of Social Interaction
Join us as we discuss the connection between our well-being and how we relate to others. We’ve heard repeatedly that we need each other, and yet the dance of social interactions can remain a mystery. Guess what? There’s science around this very topic. We’ll review some basic findings around agency and connection, reflect on how they intersect with the way Jesus did life, and consider our own opportunities for growth.